It's not about simply building a web site any longer.

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Welcome to Magi Consulting

  They have a creative staff. We have a creative staff. They handle
e-commerce. We handle e-commerce. They build web sites. We build web sites. They host, we host.

So what separates the other web hosting and design companies from each other? At Magi it's our coordinated effort for our client's benefit.

Your successful web presence doesn't start or end with a simple Web site. Everybody knows somebody who can build a Web site. It's the coordination of many components that will ultimately produce a viable Internet based marketing and sales oriented presence.

Success on the web means more than a nice looking site. It's more than search engines. It's more than cool graphics, great gimmicks, perl, java, flash, audio or media presentations... Proven design skills matched to your needs, blended with effective marketing techniques and site management produce the kind of internet presence that conjures up success. That's what Magi is all about, and that's the Magi difference.

Please take a few minutes to look over our portfolio, review marketing considerations, and contact us about where we can help you and your company succeed in establishing, re-establishing, or updating your Internet web presence.