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We already know. Your (you fill in the blank) [ brother in law, sister, ex-husband, neighbor, niece, son, best friend, girlfriend, ] can build a Web site. So why turn to a professional to get the job done. If they are the same ones who work on your car, then say no more; we understand.

However, if developing a Web site that helps your business prosper, if making the Internet work for you, instead of your having to learn to work the Internet, and if you want to maintain your friendship (or distance) from that [ brother in law, sister, ex-husband, neighbor, niece, son, best friend, girlfriend, ] please consider contacting us.

We're used to working with tight budgets, time constraints and other regular day to day business considerations, which, by the way, can include a [ brother in law, sister, ex-husband, neighbor, niece, son, best friend, girlfriend, ] who didn't quite get it right the first time around.

Standard Magi Inc. Pricing

Effective 10/01/02
Pricing considerations are generalized.
Please contact us for a specific quote designed to match your needs.

We've been in business for nearly six years, and that means we're a pretty seasoned bunch of professionals. Most of our requests these days don't seem to center on a particular "templated" style, whereas they used to be something like "how much will it cost to do this, add this, include this, etc.

We don't price per piece these days because we have found there to be a lot of subjectivity in how people approach their web experience.

With that in mind, suffice to say that our standard hourly pricing usually runs approximately $40 to $60 per hour for design, graphics, photo rendering, etc., and $100 per hour for scripting and advanced programming. But don't take those figures quite yet and run off with them. Since we don't take a boilermaker approach to site building, just consider contacting us so that we can more formally look at your particular project costs.

Since a lot of clients already have web sites, they don't need a new one, but they want us to assist in their maintenance, make a few adjustments, or simply spruce them up a little. That's right up our alley too.

The main thing to keep in mind is that web sites can be built by anyone these days, but so can birdhouses, radios, and computers. That doesn't mean you have to do it on your own, or that even if you could, you would want to. We offer competitive pricing, and we take the time to get to know our clients. In the Internet world, you don't stay in business for six years unless you've been doing something right all along.

Please contact us for your project considerations.

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